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But “the age of the case creates its own series of issues,” Swanson said.

That includes witnesses’ unclear memories or witnesses who are no longer living.

As the siblings of Rhonda Wicht once again mull over the questions of who and why someone would strangle their sister and suffocate her son, Donald, they at least find solace knowing their parents don’t have to relive the pain.

The recent findings that cleared a wrongly convicted man also pose “daunting” challenges for the Simi Valley Police Department as it investigates the Wicht murders, said Police Chief David Livingstone.

Former Simi Valley police Detective Mike Bender, who was not involved in the initial murder investigation, believed Coley didn’t do it after reviewing the case in 1989.

He subsequently spent nearly 30 years trying to help Coley get out of prison and submitted a clemency petition.

The Ventura County District Attorney’s Office assisted with reopening the investigation and continues to work with Simi police.

But those on the DA’s staff remain tight-lipped about their involvement.

Let This Be A Lesson To All White Women Reading This, Stay Away From These Black Animals, They Will Beat You! The police chief said he has faith in Swanson because he “doesn’t leave any stone unturned” but Swanson said luck was also involved.For police, the strongest leads have come from the microscopic samples of evidence found at the lab.Livingstone would not say whether they were from Coley’s home or the crime scene.But none of that DNA belonged to Coley or Donald Wicht, Livingstone said.

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He has settled in Las Vegas and she lives in Chico.

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