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Older men can bring an exciting new dimension to relationships.

I mean are there really rich people out there that want to go out and spoil their "gf"? To be honest, I was offered by a few men to take care of me and spoil me. but there are lots of men and women out there that would do that to be with someone they think they can't get on their own. Please tell me where I can find a sugar momma to send my ex to so he will leave me alone that's what he was looking for. I've made my lack of interest painfully clear..he still continues to buy me gifts. But he continues to buy me lavish gifts (not houses..cars, lol) but things like IPOD's and phones. And telling him to quit it depresses him as well.^ that is called a friend...25....a sugar daddy, sugar daddy means sex for money and trinketsgood for you for not giving it up....stupid of him to think he can buy you.....Totally Free To Place A Profile and connect with hundreds of thousands of singles like you now!Find people who share your interest in age gap socializing and dating.Lately I have been telling everyone I meet that I need a sugar daddy. I mean if all I have to do is look nice and possibly put out every once in a while, what is the big deal? It will get me the nice things that I can't afford myself. mmmhh i will repeat the joke I said yesterday:"A man is approching a woman and ask her "will you give me a BJ for 1 000 000$?

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I started this site in 2007 after I joined a couple of the popular "age gap dating sites" out there.

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