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China has about the same amount of water as Canada put around 40 more times people.The shortages are particularly acute in northern China where half the population lives with only 15 percent of China’s water.The accumulated overuse of water in Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei areas of northern China is estimated at 9 billion cubic meters. An blunt editorial The South China Morning Post said that China, had mismanaged its vast system of 87,000 reservoirs, 43 percent of which it said were in poor condition.According to a 2004 study 400 of 669 Chinese cities experiences water shortages, with 100 of them described as “serious”, and 20 million hectares of farmland are affected by drought, cutting grain production by 28 million tons.In the future northern China will not have enough water to meet its projected minimum needs, and choices will have to be made on who shall get water: farmers, factories or urban dwellers. It sits on a plain without large rivers and receives little rain fall.The water supplied by reservoirs isn't enough to meet demand and much of that is diverted to irrigate farmland and provide water for factories.The water available for each person in China is one forth the global average and this portion is expected to shrink to one fifth as the population grows.North China is chronically short of water and subject to frequent droughts.

During times of drought, water shortages could reach catastrophic proportions.

People with money have special storage tanks to collect water during those times, which in turn allows them to have water around the clock.

People without storage tanks collect water in jugs and buckets and often have to take bucket baths when the water is not turned on.

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Water is sometimes turned on only a couple of times a day for about a half hour each time.

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A considerable proportion of its irrigation water comes from wells.

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