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Discuss your London student property options with our booking team - it's free!"Ettehıyyatu lillâhi vassalevâtu vattayyibâtu, es Selâmu aleyke eyyuhennebiyyu ve rahmetullâhi ve berakâtuhu, es Selâmu aleynâ ve a'la i'badillahissalihiyn, eşhedu en lâ ilâhe ill Allâhu, ve eşhedu enne Muhammeden abduhû ve Rasûluhu." "Bütün tâzimler, dua ve talepler ile en temiz ibadetler Allâh için olup, O'nun ULÛHİYET hükmüncedir. Selâm, Allâh'ın Rahmeti ve bereketi senin üzerine olsun! Selâm, bizim ve Allâh'ın sâlih kullarının üzerine de olsun! Collins' version sees God as having preplanned the process of mutation and selection at time's beginning, knowing it would produce humanity.Collins, on the other hand, thinks the whole point was for God to create a being with whom he could develop an ongoing relationship through prayer, Scripture and what the scientist cheerfully acknowledges as a scientifically inexplicable "divine invasion of the natural world" in the saving person of Jesus Christ.It may also solve positively believers problem that in this case there was no incest between the children, took place at the early stages of human kind. Director of National Human Genome reseach institute ( NHGRI Director Francis S. " Collins showed no surprise that a star scholar poised to contribute to the future of medicine should entertain the idea that evolution might not apply to humans.1000 years after Prophet Adam, Prophet Noah has survived the big flood which was for punishment of those with idolatries. Prophet Abraham was sent, his sons Isiac, Eshmail and several prophets from their generations followed him. Collins, that rarest of raritiesa superstar evangelical biologist and author of the new book The Language of God: A Scientist Presents Evidence for Belief (Free Press; 304 pages), was perfectly qualified to answer. That notion "gets you into a series of real problems," he replied.He sketched one out: the human genome contains nonfunctional elements in the precise spot where they can be found on the chromosomes of lower animals.

God sent Adam and Eve to the world, their children got married to the already living species, has made up different races and made todays societies. More than 1000 years later Prophet Jesus Christ has arrived. (see: photos) is a scientist claims the earth has met with human being by intervention of God in recent past (in last 10.000 years suits to theological scriptures) in comparison with the age of earth 400 billions of years. "Based on everything we know," the young man asked, "would that tie together evolution and [a literal reading of the Bible] and make room for God to intervene?

Sinlge celled organisms are constantly changing...evolving...mutating into something new.

If something this small can do this all on its own THAT proves evolution.

" Barring evolution, "you're forced to the conclusion that God was trying to mislead us and test our faith--and I have trouble with that kind of conjecture." There are the vocal proponents of creationism and intelligent design .

Then there are academic atheists who claim increasingly aggressively that science is in the process of proving religion a delusion.

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