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You can use the following connection details to add Kinksters Chat to your IRC Client: Description: Kinksters Chat Server: irc.Port: 6667-6670 (use 6697 for SSL) Password: (leave blank) Back to top If you need help using chat, or if you're having another problem that you feel you need help with, then please join the channel #Help (type /join #Help) and someone there will be able to assist you.

If you are unable to get an answer to your question in help, for any reason, you can ask the server to tell you what IRCops are available by typing: /ircops From this list, you can open a message window to an online IRCop by typing: /query ircopnickname Then typing your question in the window that opens.

Back to top When you receive a Memo from somebody, you will get a notificatoin similar to the following: -Memo Serv- You have 3 new memos.

-Memo Serv- Type /msg Memo Serv LIST NEW to list them.

Back to top Please direct your comments, complaints and suggestions to admin [at] Back to top Kinksters Chat is always on the outlook for new Chat Mods, so if you feel that you are in agreement with our philosophy and you want to help our community, please contact any of the KC Officials so we might have a talk about the possibilities.

If you want to read more about being a Chat Mod with Kinksters Chat, take a look here for more details.

In this case you can group all your nicknames under your main nickname.

Back to top To send a message to a user who is offline, so that they are notified of it and can read it when they next come online, type the following: /msg Memo Serv SEND nickname message Replace "nickname" with the nickname of the person you want to send the Memo to and replace "message" with whatever you want to send as a message to that person.

*@* ALL (ignores everything from the specified nickname) /unignore Nickname To Ignore!

*@* (unignores the specific nick) For more Hex Chat info: click here PLEASE NOTE: Even though you can ignore ANY user you want, or even ALL users, KC Officials will always be able to Private Message you (but why would you want to ignore us lovely people anyway???

: P) To get a list of the KC Officials, type /admin when you are connected to the chat.

Back to top PLEASE NOTE: You do not need to ask permission to register your own channel and you can have any rules for your channel that you want, as long as your rules don't contradict the server rules.

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