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We are a clan first mentality, we all work together for the strength and success of the #8R8PGU22are a lvl10, ENGLISH ONLY bad Mofugger clan. We are not a dead clan, we just want more chill & entertaining members to be active in chat and contribute to a strong group of ADULTS who love this game.

Feel free to opt in and out of wars as needed for upgrades and life stuff.

You are expected to know all of the rules, and entering the chat site and any individual room hosted here, means you agree to follow the posted rules.

id=95k3Dw AAQBAJ&pg=PT172&lpg=PT172&dq=sin city adult chit chat online&source=bl&ots=d OFj3Twz NS&sig=4OZq C6qu EGIfr1K29UJRp N1VBh E&hl=en&sa=X&ved=0ah UKEwie57f Fy53YAh UL-J8KHTdk Bfs Q6AEIj QEw Fw It is the crying of the country, that if there are cakes and pies in plenty, the bread may be sour, or filled with saleratus, or so stale that a dog would not swallow it, It is a crime to set such bread before little children, even if adult digestion were equal to it, which it is not. Sep 9, 2017 Piece hawaii, the garden of the club is animated feature film nominated academy award.

Recently kicked a bunch of non active players so our numbers are low right now. If u r interested to talk to me, PM me If u r looking for a hardcore clan that takes war seriously then we are the right choice. Clans are in my signature if you want to talk about those. (insert copious amounts of stitched together screenshots here) I'll talk to you. We war almost non stop and win around 90% of our wars.

Cursing should be part of your vernacular and for your sake you shouldn't be easily offended, But keep in mind we all respect one another.

Lolol just looking for entertaining folks to clash with. We do not ♥♥♥♥ on our members for a poor attack because it happens to the best of us from time to time.

But if you'd like to produce the copious amounts of clan propaganda I'm okay with that. Just like any other successful clan you MUST use both war attacks.

We are looking for players who want to hang around for a while and participate with the rest of us. We have a decent win record of 85% and "Friendly Challenge Before War" and "No Wars without Heroes" policies that helps us to maintain our war log. Just like any other successful clan you MUST use both war attacks.She's walking in a fast phase, right in front of you.You hurry, try to catch up but every time you get close she passes a corner and disappears for a while. You hurry to her, grab her arm and pull her into your grip. Clans are in my signature if you want to talk about those. There are no children here but, filthy minded conversations are welcome and encouraged. If you are tired of babysitting other peoples whine little brats in your previous clans than join here.

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