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For domestic events, the skaters have to pay all the travel costs for coaches.Additionally, USFS only pays to accredit one coach per skater.I feel really sad for everyone involved--divorces are just not happy occasions. My question involves defamation in the state of: NJ My husband committed adultery and fathered a child With a women he encountered on a single dating wedsite.

Mission Statement - Horses are our top priority along with our owners and we always ensure that our horses are placed where they will be competitive to give them every chance to earn stakemoney for their connections.

I think it might be one of those off topics or personal things that they can't talk about here on this forum -might be gossip, rumours or whatever because people here are usually nice about answering. All you can hopefor healing and it doesn't affect the skaters.^^^No one is necessarily 'dancing' around your question.

Actually, I think both Skater Boy and you are right in different ways.

I was lurking through the internet at some point in time before this thread was created and I saw some particularly nasty rumors which people speculated might cause a possible separation between them.

Of course, I won't address them here because they're what they are--nasty and malicious rumors.

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