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The site has attracted more women than men so far and 85 per cent of its members are aged under 40, representing 13 Christian denominations. One member of the new agency, Jonathan from Manchester, said that giving information about favourite Bible verses had been useful.

Finding someone who shares your interests or lifestyle is important for lasting happiness.

"For Christians the issue is even more acute as the choices are narrower," said Miss Elton.

It is estimated that there are around 300,000 single Christians in Britain.

It is something that secular sites rarely bother to do effectively and appropriately.

But for practising Christians of all denominations, having a shared faith is essential."According to projections, 39 per cent of men and 31 per cent of women will be single in 10 years time.

All ABIA member agencies subscribe to the ABIA Code of Practice – your assurance of a fair deal.

The agency's aim is to match Christians who live near to each other but have never met in the pews.

To find a deep and lasting love with a permanent partner seems such an impossible task. Movies and novels are filled with relationships that seem to stand the test of time and trials of life; but to find that in the real world- it’s a near impossibility.

Then to find a soulmate that shares the same beliefs that you do is another whole monumental problem, isn’t it?

There are people who have informal kinds of worship and others who like a much more traditional approach and that will tell you quite a bit about them as a person."The new service also aims to separate Christians who do not worship in the same way, she said.

"If you are from a charismatic tradition, then you won't feel comfortable with a very high Anglo-Catholic approach."We encourage members to talk about their moral values and the spiritual aspects of their lives, including their favourite Bible verses.

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Join an ABIA-registered dating agency and you can relax in the knowledge that they subscribe to the ABIA Code of Practice.

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