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Almost as importantly, if today’s lenders don’t value the financial benefits of solar, well, maybe it’s time to reform the antiquated housing finance system.There are too many California loan-making entrepreneurs for there not to be a workable solution on how to make the cash generated by a solar roof part of the mortgage process. (I’ll let builders, lawmakers and lawyers iron out the wrinkles.) Have builders give the new homeowners associations the solar systems to own and operate.The sentencing sparked new calls from lawmakers to complete action on legislation that had already received widespread support in both chambers of Congress.The House agreed to take up the Senate version of the bill to speed up its passage. The House made a change in the bill, which sent it back to the Senate for approval before it can go to President Donald Trump for his signature. Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif., said a patchwork of state laws on reporting suspected sex abuse made it necessary to enact a uniform national standard that would apply to amateur sports groups such as USA Gymnastics as well as to other sports organizations that participate in interstate and international travel.Remember, the financial stretch is how various costs of day-to-day living — including the mortgage and the electricity bill — add up vs. Anything that cuts household expenses can help affordability. The California Energy Commission has adopted new energy building standards requiring solar panels for virtually all new homes built in the state starting in 2020.That will likely will make California the first state with such a homebuilding requirement.

The mad rush to link mobile phone numbers with Aadhaar supposedly to comply with a directive of the Supreme Court was uncalled for.The House followed up on the sex abuse scandal involving sports doctor Larry Nassar by passing legislation Monday that requires governing bodies for amateur athletics to promptly report abuse claims to law enforcement.Nassar was sentenced last week to up to 175 years in prison for sexually abusing more than 150 women and girls over 25 years.When Geoff Johns and Jon Berg were hired to oversee the DC movie slate and give it a more optimistic tone, their first job was to get with Zack Snyder and screenwriter Chris Terrio to rework and make it a more hopeful movie.Per WSJ, when Snyder delivered his cut earlier this year, studio executives “felt he had made progress with the lighter elements,” but also felt the movie could use more work.

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The HOA could keep the net proceeds to lower association dues. They own and operate a lot of other things from pools to hillsides that don’t generate income.) Note: Those HOA dues are home-owning costs that lenders count AGAINST a house hunter’s buying power!

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