Are noel jones and lisa raye dating

In addition to wondering why he has chosen to string Loretta along for so many years without marrying her, folks are also curious to know whether or not they’ve been able to maintain celibacy for the duration of their lengthy relationship.

During a recent interview with V-103, Bishop Jones addressed his critics.“Paul wasn’t married.

Thank you for looking into this closely and seeing for yourself what is really going on. When I heard about this, I just laughed, mainly at the responses of "disdain" from folks.

I hope church folks won't hurt this woman and her efforts to seek God. I guess their pairing doesn't bother me because I don't look to either of them for any grounded spiritual guidance.

If God led him, then we have to trust His judgement.

As for the backlash he may receive for his choice, his most recent tweet likely sums up how feels about any critics of his love life.

He wrote, "Dn't let the noise of other's opinions drown out your own inner voice.

The Blogs were busy this week reporting that actress Lisa Raye Mc Coy is in a serious relationship with megachurch pastor Noel Jones, who leads The City of Refuge church in Gardena, Calif., and that the two were preparing to wed.

But, lisa Raye put the brakes on everybody stating on her Twitter account: “Come on come on y’all…IF I was engaged u would see a ring 1st of all AND that wouldn’t b a secret becuz 1 would b happy u think? Thanks” Now what Lisa Raye did not deny was the fact that the two were dating nor dispell the rumor that she was shopping a Reality show entitled “Keeping up with the Joneses.

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