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The deaths mark the second and third of eight executions that Arkansas had scheduled over a period of 11 days before its stockpile of a key lethal injection drug expires on April 30.Jones was pronounced dead at 7.20pm Central at the Cummins Unit in Lincoln County, Arkansas, after the Supreme Court denied his final request for a stay.Officials turned off the microphone inside the execution chamber and the lethal injection began.For about a minute, Jones' lips moved but nothing was audible from where the AP was seated.7.07pm A man wearing a headset began touching Jones' face and put a tongue depressor in Jones' mouth.7.08pm The official again placed a tongue depressor in Jones' mouth and placed his hands on Jones' mouth.He strangled the mother with the cord to a coffee pot.The murder was first called in as a double-homicide, as recalled by the three men who helped put Jones on death row, according to THV11.'If Lacy had not survived and if Lacy had actually died as Jack Jones, Jr told us he thought he'd done, I'm not sure we would have caught [him],' Chris Raff, the former prosecutor for the 17th Judicial District said.'It's amazing that Lacy survived it, but she was key.' Bill Lindsey, who at the time was photographing the crime scene, is the one who noticed Lacy was still alive.I'd like to think that I've accomplished this.'I made every effort to be a good person - I practiced Buddhism and studied physics.I met the right people and did the right things.'There are no words that would fully express my remorse for the pain that I caused.' 7.04pm The curtains to the execution chamber opened.

In a letter earlier this month, Jones said he was ready to be killed by the state.'I forgive my executioners; somebody has to do it,' wrote Jones, who had a leg amputated in prison because of diabetes and uses a wheelchair.The official opened Jones' eyelids and moved his head to check consciousness.7.12pm The official rubbed Jones' sternum.There was no visible movement from Jones.7.13pm No visible movement from Jones.7.17pm The official opened Jones' eyelids again and touched his sternum.7.18pm The official took off his headset and placed a stethoscope on Jones' chest.7.19pm A man, believed to be a coroner, placed a stethoscope on Jones' chest.7.20pm Jones was declared dead.Arkansas executed two death row inmates on the same gurney Monday night in America’s first double execution in 17 years. Jones, Jr, 52, who received a lethal injection after delivering a two-minute final statement - during which he told his victim's daughter 'I'm sorry' 22 years after she watched him rape her mother and strangle her to death with the cord of a coffee machine in 1995.'I hope over time you can learn who I really am and I am not a monster,' Jones said to Phillips' daughter, Lacy, who he brutally beat nearly to death when she was an 11-year-old child during the attack.Hours later, Marcel Williams, 46, was executed for the 1994 rape and killing of 22-year-old Stacy Errickson, whom he kidnapped from a gas station in central Arkansas.

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The lawyers said Jones was moving his lips and gulping for air during periodic consciousness checks after midazolam, a powerful sedative, had been administered.

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