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I wonder if Kidman knew that she was about to replaced or if it came as a surprise to her.She’s pregnant so it doesn’t seem quite fair that she would be canned at this point.

Audrey Tautou tends to surround herself with people who are gentle, sensitive, peace-loving, and artistically or spiritually inclined, and there is a strong element of mutual compassion and sympathy in her personal relationships.

It is easy for Audrey to tune in psychically to other people's feelings and emotional worlds.

Audrey Tautou may share this type of telepathic link with her mother, sisters, or female friends in particular. Like a volcano, one minute Audrey Tautou seems quite peaceful and the next, she is exploding with great force and unexpected fury.

Her feelings and desires can be so compelling that she does things against her better judgment and reason.

Tautou can also be very manipulative, in a subtle way.

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