Best online dating tactics

This includes identifying crazy loopholes to help you game the dating sites we recommend.

The two most beneficial singles dating tips for men (and women) – other than choosing the right dating site(s) – we teach you are how to create a killer profile and write an effective introduction email.

The best pictures to use for maximum results on singles dating sites.

Advice on which pictures work well (and which ones don’t) to maximize your chances of getting replies to your emails.

When we are attempting to meet women online, we live by three core principles…

Intrigue gets her to want to go out on a date with you. However, she might only want to be around you as friends if you don’t man-up and take action. Don’t be afraid to go in for a kiss and possibly offering up sex.

Use these profile tips to create a magnetic singles dating profile that no one can resist.

The most important singles dating tips we can provide are to use one (or two) of the following dating sites and work your butt off on these websites to attract and impress women…

Our tips for singles dating success guide has many pointers on how to go from Intrigue to Action.

We told you we are going to teach you everything it takes to find love online. From the moment you sign-up for a dating site, we’ll teach you the step-by-step process we used to convince women to go out on a date with us.

If you want to meet great people worth meeting, you need to stand out of the crowd.

This section discusses one of our strongest tactics: coming off as different when compared to everyone else online.

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We found some very disturbing activity on the other dating sites we reviewed.

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