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Knowing that as HSPs we are vulnerable to others is the first step to keeping ourselves safe. Boundaries are healthy limits we set between ourselves and other people.They define who we are and who we are not, what we are comfortable with and what we are not.It doesn't really matter why she's doing it but she needs to know you find it unacceptable. If the bullying continues, I would discuss it with your boss. And because we absorb so much of what's happening around us, including the feelings and energies of other people, boundaries are essential for HSPs.

Want to make your road as smooth as possible Set and maintain healthy boundaries--boundaries that will help you grow in freedom, honesty, and self-control.In my last post, I talked about how highly sensitive people can be vulnerable to narcissists and why we so often, unwittingly and unhappily, find ourselves in relationships with them.Whether or not someone is a narcissist is not as important, however, as how we feel when we're with them.Once you know where your boundaries are, it's important to have consequences. If your partner bullies you into going to parties, for example, and you find it upsetting, you need to talk about it and be clear about your needs.People will often test you to see if your boundaries are weak or strong, and whether you really mean what you say. Tell them how you feel and then explain that if they bully you again, you will not go to parties with them anymore. And a good relationship will let you and your partner both maintain and respect each other's boundaries and each other's needs.

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  1. That’s because the fact of the matter is, healthy relationships (romantic relationships, friendships, familial relationships -- they all count! But what exactly does a healthy relationship look like?