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The problem is actually surprisingly difficult one to think through.

There are many energy fluxes involved (I haven’t even addressed energy losses out the side of the greenhouse) and the trick is to know which are the important ones and which ones can be ignored for the purposes of a rough estimate.

So, I guess I’m left wondering…where did the oft-cited claim that a greenhouse does not operate through a greenhouse effect come from?

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It is usually claimed that a real greenhouse works by inhibiting convective heat loss by trapping the sun-heated air inside.

While working on a new website devoted to answering greenhouse questions, I decided to examine this issue.

The refutations against our work have been a mixture of strawman arguments, red herrings, silliness, and deception.

To put it simply, if temperature change causes a change in the top-of-atmosphere radiative balance, then you can (with some assumptions regarding time lags) diagnose feedbacks by simply regressing the radiative variations against the temperature variations.

Of course, changing any of the assumed numbers will change the result.People like Andy Dessler will claim that ALL radiation changes are ultimately caused by temperature change, maybe at some earlier time, and so he thinks you can diagnose feedback.But I totally reject that…there are many reasons why (for example) clouds (and thus albedo) can change that are not caused by temperature. Dessler really believes it, why does he not include a time lag in his feedback diagnoses?For example, the emissivity of glass is less than 1, but what that means is that it “traps” even more IR energy inside because it partly reflects the higher levels of IR the warmer vegetation is emitting upward. I’m sure this problem has been analyzed before, probably in great detail, by multiple aggie graduates in their theses.Unfortunately, a Google search on “greenhouses” and “energy budget” is hopelessly cluttered with pages related to the Earth’s greenhouse effect (wow! ) If anyone is aware of studies done on the energy budget of greenhouses (of the agricultural kind), I would appreciate a reference or two.

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