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For a supposedly semi-successful ad agent, she seems needy and feeble (If this is the direction she got, then it was inconsistent with her character).

Her voice and her mannerisms are annoying and make me stabby.

she's a gorgeous cutiepie and I love herseung gil is probably the type to be really stoic around peoplebut with his dog he's all coddling and cooinghe probably taught her to greet people by doing a little bowalso I hope there's seung gil yuuri interaction too bc I love them????

lines, attractive people gazing at each other, and friends who act as audience surrogates. It is the second team-up of Gerald Anderson and Arci Muñoz collectively known as Gerci, who starred together in Always Be My Maybe in 2016. They started as strangers who bonded over their common love for video games, later on they became friends and ultimately lovers.

To make matters worse, the embodiment of Sam’s life goals, Emanuelle, has a perfect existence: a boyfriend who worships the ground she walks on, respect in the workplace, and job promotion.

Sam’s dissatisfaction with her life and with her relationship with Digs comes to a head during their supposedly-romantic staycation.

He feeds her pancit canton (calamansi) with poached eggs and squid balls in lieu of a romantic dinner. He does not make a U-turn to pick her up in the opposite lane.It is imperative for the friends to give advice, and apparently for millennials, like manna from heaven, Tinder solves all problems.Through Tinder, the millennial ex-couple separately dates their Tinder matches.Moreover, Sam has a stable yet toxic (Digs’ word) job at an advertising agency, while Digs is contented with freelance work although he is a talented artist.Soon, bills pile up and Digs has a hard time paying his half of the expenditures.

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The millennial friends need to support the ex-couple.

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  1. Literally, everyone has seen the movie and I’d say a good chunk have read the book. One of the greatest things about the film was watching the chemistry between stars Mandy Moore and Shane West.