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His first order was for 300 chairs to use as rentals for an auction.He went to an Army Supply store and purchased the chairs.Cole he did say he had no idea or he could not explain how they got there and the back of my wall where the fridge or raider stand there’s nothing there to make them but they want me to keep this fridge or raider that is not mine I have went as far is making a complaint I’ve had Mike from Pearl store went on and said that I was happy with it I am not so I had to re-open another case to tell them that I was not happy I have another lady that called me From another store and basically tell me that she believes Mr.

Cole took pictures of my fridge raider at that time I told him I took pictures also and then Mr.

Cole told me with disrespect to me as he was calling me a liar and I believe I would not want my company or my manager calling Mike Calling my customer a liar that spent so much money because I do you have a 43 inch TV I have a laptop with you and I have refrigerator so I spent over 0 a month with you guys and he disrespected me and called me a liar that’s not right sir I don’t feel like he did that according to he disrespected a customer the only way I can try to work with him and I am so tired of different stores calling me Calling me and telling me I have to live with this fridge or raider that I know that’s not mine is go up with you and I am I am sorry that I have to but this is the only way because if I go with them again they’re saying it’s settled and it has not been settled the store in Pearl Mississippi Mike I guess he’s district saying it was settled it’s not settled and I realize that I just moved here from Oklahoma City but that don’t give them the right to run out for me or your company doing this to me if this is going to be the way they that they’re going to do me out of out of Pearl Mississippi I will not rent another thing from errands and I will let it be known how Pearl store is doing this and how they are treating their customers because I don’t believe that your manager your assistant manager our year I don’t know if you want to call him in the accounting will call your customer a liar and I have to be stuck with this fridge raider and then you got your other stores telling me I need to take this fridge raider or leave it when I know this is not my refrigerator fridge raider so I’m hoping we can get this settled through corporate I’m not asking for new one I’m not asking for a used one I’m just asking for my refrigerator that I had that’s all I’m asking Mr.

Robertson and I hope to hear from you soon my telephone number is 601-896-XXXX my address is Pearl, MS 39208 for your .

In 2015, the company opened its own e Commerce site. Cole he came out he explain this in this there’s different trays when he picked it up it was completely clean I got this can fridge or raider that I do not think it’s mine was dirty nasty look like Your employees was eating in this fridge raider they tell me Mr.

In 2014, customers claimed that Aaron’s has installed spyware on their computer rentals, sending the company hundreds of thousands of email addresses, social security numbers, passwords, even photographs from private accounts. Kevin told me they sent it out later on every employee from Pearl Mississippi store told me they never sent it out to be fixed that it was at that store for 20 days and did not tell me call Mr.

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Like I was told before your office would not do anything just like the office in Pearl Mississippi would not do anything so we’ll see if you guys will do something because I’ve been getting calls this last call her name was Michelle out of Jackson Mississippi so I would ask you thank you for your time let me post this but I am mad you have my email address and I hope we can settle this 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡Thank you for your time in this matter Reply Yes Mr.

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