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May G-d grant that this satisfactory development be the forerunner of other successes in all your affairs, in accordance with the Torah, Toras Chaim, including, of course, the matter of health.For, as you know, the great teacher Maimonides has ruled that taking care of one’s physical health is part of our religious way of life.For there are many ways in which a Jew can serve G-d, and one must serve Him in all, in accordance with the principle “Know Him, and make Him known, in all your ways.” You have a unique privilege of doing so through your own medium, which to certain circles is the only medium of learning something about Jews and Judaism.A propos of the above, I trust you will not take it amiss, though it may sound somewhat chauvinistic, but it is nevertheless true, that Jews, as Jews, can be justly proud.

Similarly, it should be with all matters of Torah and Mitzvoth.

Any doubt that one might have had about the inherent distinction between our people and other nations, in this 20th century of enlightenment, science and philosophy, has tragically been dispelled by our experience at the hands of a nation which claimed first place in the arts and sciences in our generation, while the other “advanced” nations hardly did anything to avert or stop the mass slaughter. I will conclude on a happy note, having entered the joyous month of Adar, highlighted by the festival of Purim, may you, we all in the midst of all our people enjoy – to quote the Megillah – “light and gladness, joy and honor.” I was particularly pleased to note that you are back at work, now that you have returned from abroad.

May G-d grant that you should continue your work to a ripe and happy old age, and thus utilize the gift with which you have been blessed to animate, so to speak, even the inanimate.

Thus every time I write to you may entail an expense on your part.

I would feel better if you would separate the two, namely your correspondence and contributions.

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