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It is when we interact with others when we face our fears, discover our needs and overcome our shortcomings.

Sometimes, it is this constant social interaction or friction that causes those rough edges to soften over time to bring out the best in all of us.

You first have the type that keep the fish to eat them. The second type is the keepers who would be C&Rs but need an ego boost or lack of self-esteem.

He takes a little time to shake out the images from his head and the negative feelings he has, only to come back for some more fishing.

The one line I remember from the movie was from the female lead. What I found after many years, as fulfilling and exciting as career, knowledge and solo activities have been most of the time, is that at the end of the day they leave me empty and still lonely.

Gary’s character had been pursuing her affections, at some point he asks her point blank “What do you want? To need nothing at all.” I almost jumped out of my seat. Someone who would have no need for anything or anyone, which would keep me from getting hurt. Nobody to talk to, nobody to share in my happiness of what I just learned or accomplished, nobody to cheer me on the next day.

It was during that time when I began to have a strong dislike for being a vulnerable female, hated what it did to my mother and how helpless I felt about the whole situation; and at some point I made the silent vow that I would never need a man like that.

I remember losing respect for how she remained faithful to her commitment to this dysfunctional marriage.

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