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Dad also told me that the family followed the coal mines through Indiana to Illinois. John James Roach (coalminer) married Mae Wyant and begat Gerald (1916-1999), Alfred, and William. I don't know if I'm related to the Peoria, IL clan. A brother Robert settled in Shelmalier East, his sons David, Henry and Adam adopted the surname de la Roche.William & Mrytle had 2 boys -- John James and William Jr. According to my dad, most of his relatives were long dead or had moved to Texas. One time a distant cousin came to my hometown and dad introduced him as our cousin. " "In ancient times the O'Keeffes, the O'Dugans, and O'Cosgraves, were chiefs in Fearmuighe Fein, now the barony of Fermoy; which was afterwards possessed by the family of Roche, viscounts of Fermoy, and called "Roche's Country." The initial surname seems to have been "de ROCHE" and many variants exists () (In ancient times the O'Keeffes, the O'Dugans, and O'Cosgraves, were chiefs in Fearmuighe Fein, now the barony of Fermoy; which was afterwards possessed by the family of Roche, viscounts of Fermoy, and called "Roche's Country.).Who seem to come from flemish descent from what I can gather but its all there on the internet.Hi, I was wondering if there was anyone that might be able to help me trace back my ancestry.Roach is an Americanized version of Roache, many immigrants names were simplified on their papers when they came to this country.

The surname I have are Roach which was changed in America to Roche to distinguish our family from another Roach family that lived in the immediate area. Thanks Roache is an irish name, however it is originally Viking, many Vikings settled in Ireland and the roache name came from them.My real (blood)grandfather was Raymond "Lavern" Roach. He died from a coma after a boxing match when my dad was only 10 months old, and since my grandmother remarried fairly quickly after that, there really hasn't been anyone that has been able to tell us where our family originated from. His mother and father were named Ina Roach and Stanley James Roach. MIL Thank You Shawn Dear all, Fascinating group discussion especially if your surname is Roche!Kyler Correction: According to the Oak Ridge cemetery index in Farmington, IL my great grandfather James Charles Roach was born in Wales in 1861 and married Maud(e) Miller of Pennsylvania. Here is what I know my ancestor came back to France from Ireland when the Anglican took over as they were Roman Catholic. I also been told that this is when we put an accent on the last e as an affirmation of our Roman Catholic faith. Also looking into the French archives I found a document recognising nobelty titles of an Irish Roche who immigrated to France.As far as I know, my part of the Roach clan has been Methodist, not Catholic, so that is why I am asking about naming. Hello I've been searching for things about my last name because people have always asked what kind of last name is "roach".So if you have any information I got the last name from my dad whose from Bermuda he's convinced that we got the name from slave traders but I don't think so. Hi there, my father and his father and strangely enough his father aswell were Paddy (Patrick) Roche and my grandfather moved to England from Ireland, Originally from Mullinahone, Tipperary then moved to Callan in Kilkenny before moving to Gloucester in England then back to Ireland to settle in Oughterard in Galway.

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