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It’s great for people who love their Facebook news- That need their ‘Facebook fix’ seeing this how can they refuse?

Can this be permanent for Aish’s education for the annual Passover holiday?

I can't quite explain it, but it made me cry - real tears.

Somehow, underneath the jazzy, upbeat music and the very witty graphics, I felt my heart engaged.

The Best one EVER was the story of MOSES, called BASKET BABY--I saved if for several years and my computer acted up and I lost everything.So viewers can enjoy it again and again in every way.The people of Palestine have been the Jews for thousands of years. Israel is a tiny piece of land,7 million people, surrounded by many large Arab Muslim countries, 1.5 Billion people, who are bent on killing and wiping Israel from the face of the earth. I'm an old man (73) and I thought this was just wonderful!!!!The Passover story with Moses’ and God’s Facebook twist is entertaining- All the rites of Passover are discussed nothing lacking is pertaining!Showing us the knowledge that Moses’ via Facebook could know- This Aish twist I do love so very much so.

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