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I took my time about easing the panties up over her long legs.The aroma coming from her sex was intoxicating and I wondered if my zip was strong enough to contain my aching prick without breaking."I think a long dress would be more suitable for a funeral, don't you?"Talk dirty while you're shagging me.""You love me fucking you don't you? I use your panties.""Ooh yes," she moaned and clutched at me." I hissed, "You love feeling my cock sliding in and out of your juicy little pussy.""It's my cunt, David. "More, David.""I wrap one pair around my cock and I lay another pair on my face.Your Aunt Pat phoned to see if you could pop over to help her with something."I hid my grin and hoped like hell that she wouldn't see my cock stirring in my pants. I'll just have a quick shower first."My erection got in the way in the shower, but I resisted bringing myself off. Changing into pale blue jeans and a white tee shirt, I kissed Mum goodbye and drove the twenty odd miles to my aunt's house.

"I need this, I need it badly."She stroked her pussy whilst watching me strip off. She sighed and sucked her own juices from her finger as I took off my trousers. Now naked, I knelt between her legs and crushed my lips against hers.

She wrapped it around her body, settling her breasts into the underwired cups.

"There are hooks and eyes all the way down the back. I like them tight, I like to feel constricted."Kneeling down in front of me, she turned and presented her back to me. It took me about five minutes to do all the laces up, because I couldn't stop looking over her shoulder to where the lacy bra cups only just covered her nipples."You're looking at my breasts," she said simply."Yes," I smiled.

"In fact it could be interesting, very interesting.""Show me.""Mmm we impatient aren't we?

""I'm always impatient where my favorite aunt's concerned."We walked up the winding staircase together and into the master bedroom."This is it." She smiled and gestured to a black lace basque laid out on the bed.

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She dug her long fingernails into my back and raked down to my buttocks.

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