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You will never get over this but you will begin to learn how to get through it for example, I am only just becoming able to look back at photographs without breaking down and appreciating the fond memories.Everyone’s experience of bereavement is very individual, so if other people try to tell you how you should be coping, remember you are a special individual.It's such a shame that you can't talk with his family, I really needed to hear people talking about my mum, I have got comfort from that.I wonder if Priscilla can put you in touch with some local support with other people who know exactly what you're going through? I am thinking of you today, as you say more bad news is coming.So far this year, including my partner I've lost 3 people within 4 days of each other, and tomorrow I am expecting/know I am going to hear some really bad news. x Hi Alan a I am so, so sorry to hear you have all this bereavement to deal with and such tragic circumstances.

I have no one to share the mourning with, and that's extremely hard.Grief is such a lonely place and I'm sure that coping with losing a loved one to suicide must be so traumatic. Sometimes just getting through an hour, let alone a day, is a challenge. Keep writing on here, don't feel alone, from Clarex I lost my amazing wife only 6 days ago to suicide, its feels to me like no one else could possibly be going through the level of grief I am, I feel like an empty vessel and just cant see a way forward, like I said I know it is very early days but that doesn't help in the here and now, we were together for 25 years and she was only 49.Chat Per Tutti ti offre gratis e senza mai doverti registrare, un accesso sicuro e veloce nelle migliori free chatroom in Italia e non solo! Sei una tipina tutta fine da chiacchiere informali ad alto tasso culturale? Chat X Tutti i gusti in base al tuo stato d'animo, a quello che hai voglia oggi di comunicare con altre persone online; nuovi e vecchi amici, perfetti estranei accendono fantasie, dialoghi per passare ore in vero relax come preferisci tu.It was very difficult, as I never knew his family, nor they me, as my partner was estranged from them, I had only ever seen them once or twice for a few minutes, sort of 'hello/goodbye, the then the next time I met them was when he was in a coma, pretty emotional stuff all round I felt extremely isolated and as though I didn't belong at his funeral, and was intruding on their grief, although they was very kind and thoughtful towards me.Although I had the support of my children, and they do feel sad, but he wasnt their father so therefore it's been much easier for them to deal with, especially being adults with their own lives.

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