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The damage you can see on this sphinx's pedestal was caused by a bomb during the war - the first world war!

This happened on September 4 1917, during the first raid made by German planes against London.

Six million people visit the British museum every year, making it London's most popular tourist attraction.

Although the clock tower is commonly referred to as "Big Ben", that is actually the name of one of the bells within the tower.

Immediately behind parliament is Westminster Abbey, where many kings, queens, poets, writers and other famous inhabitants of the UK are buried.

Many of London's most interesting buildings, statues and other historical items are located within a short distance of the Thames River, with most of them concentrated in an easily walked stretch of the river between parliament and Tower Bridge, which is another widely misidentified landmark.

The Great Fire of London in the middle of the 17th century was a golden opportunity for Wren, and he used it to design a multitude of interesting churches.

It's rather amazing that St Paul's is still standing, since the area all around it was largely flattened by German bombers during world war two.

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The pontoon it was on capsized during a storm off France and six people died, but it remained floating and it was eventually towed to London.

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