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In addition to the memories, the project required setting goals, communicating with people, keeping accurate records and other intangible benefits that follow us the rest of our lives. Don't be alarmed, but the hay wagons of ghoulish characters hit the backroads at 3pm in search of their Halloween treats. Joseph’s Parish, in Camp Springs, will once again be holding their “OKTOBERFISH” Fish Fries on Friday October 20 and 27.Dinners will be served each evening from until pm.From the highway to the front of the stonehouse measures only about twenty feet and that space was filled with the width of a car to be gassed up, the gas pumps and a narrow sidewalk leading into the store.The store, together with Reitman Garage and the local taverns were our congested areas, if you might call them that.

inside…and outside under the protection of the rustic parish community shelter.

Five or so vehicles could safely park, however, more often than not, quite a few extras squeezed in.

Directly in front of the store were two Tresler Comet gas pumps (regular and ethyl).

It was a much anticipated event on the day that the orders arrived accompanied by our prizes, not any different from the excitement when Ralphie’s Dad, in the movie Christmas Story, received his “Leg Lamp” as the grand prize in a contest he had entered.

Boxes and boxes of seeds and prizes needed to be sorted through. They were all glorious offerings and some more glorious than others. Many of the awards were religious items, that is, crosses, crucifixes, statues, rosaries, etc.

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