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I’m a subset of the total economy and include things like commercial fishing, marine transportation, and ship and boat building.

These activities are included in the coastal economy, but are spread across many general economic sectors.

Discover the best dating spots in your city, whether it be through speed dating events, singles bars or clubs, or community activities.

Alabama is a Southeastern state that borders the Gulf of Mexico.

The Campus & Community Research Collaborative is a faculty-centered initiative to bridge community organizations as collaborative research partners.

For example, researchers in the same academic department may work together on a project with a community organization to measure the social and economic impact of its client services.

The Bureau of Economic Analysis revises its gross domestic product (GDP) estimates each year for data in its time series.

ENOW GDP values for all years of data are updated annually to reflect these revisions. This benchmarking involves making changes to what is included in different industries, as well as classifying new and emerging industries.

in the Kline Hospitality Suite of Brooks Stadium, a “speed dating” event intended to connect faculty members with community organizations as partners.

No matter your preference, it is extremely important to understand the make-up of the coastal and ocean economies to help inform decisions.

The coastal shoreline counties of the United States are far more densely populated than the rest of the country.

This program is presented by the College of Science. For more information, call Amy Edmunds at 843-349-2441.

I also go by total economy of coastal areas and I include all economic activities occurring in a coastal area.

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