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Due to this phenomenon, you'll definitely meet some chicks in Cali who have amazing bodies.Colombian women from Cali (referred to as "calenas") will often be a little bit darker than girls in Bogota and Medellin, but not from African genes.However, you'll find many local girls are wary of gringos due to all the tourists that pass through the city.Nightlife can be sparse, and many girls in Cartagena will be hookers.

The problem with the paisas is that there are a lot of gringos in Medellin.Unless you go in high season, you may struggle to meet that many hot Colombian chicks in this city.The local girls have a sexy skin tone that I can only describe as "milky" due to intermixing and their African genes.Medellin also has lovely weather and a great public transportation system. If you just want to meet some girls in Colombia - Barranquilla could be a good choice.While Medellin is a nice city and has numerous things to do - Barranquilla is the exact opposite. If you make friends with a Colombian guy, then the topic of women will come up. He'll tell you how much he enjoys the pink nipples on many gringas.

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