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From a 1994 People magazine article, Johnny envisioned the club as a "cool little underground place" for him and his friends to hang out at and listen to good music.

In the 2013 documentary Sunset Strip, Johnny elaborates: What I wanted out of The Viper Room, first and foremost…

They also reportedly threw Kate Moss a party there for her 21st birthday in January of 1995.

Johnny was present for guest appearances by many renowned artists, including the great Johnny Cash. People couldn't believe that it was Johnny Cash there in the Viper Room.

I opened the Viper Room for a single reason: I was looking for a bar worthy of the name. A place where, if I wanted to have a drink with friends, we would not be left victims by ridiculous pounding beats by a “connected”, simple-minded DJ.

Or there would none of this feeling of rage that invades you when you suffer the bad taste of others.

Some of this Viper Room appearance has been documented on the DVD, Breakfast With Hunter.

The Viper Room operated successfully for years, attracting many top music acts. In 2000, Anthony Fox sued Johnny for mishandling of profits, but while the suit was in progress, Fox disappeared in December of 2001 (he is still missing to this day).

Meanwhile, by this time, Johnny was spending most of his time in France with long time love Vanessa Paradis and their two children, and had become less and less involved with the club.

Twenty years after River's death, at least 2 books were published to recount the tragedy: Bob Forrest's Running With Monsters and Gavin Edwards' Last Night At The Viper Room.

Forrest's book is mentioned by the National Enquirer while Edwards' is described by the UK Daily Mail.

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I've got a guitar solo, and at the end of the solo, Johnny stepped offstage. River died [of a heroin overdose] just a few feet away from us, right on the other side of the wall.'" Johnny closed the club for 2 weeks, placing a sign outside to express sympathy and condolences to River's family and loved ones.

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