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how all the single girls in the group are all 2’s with one exception; Janice.I thought their could be some relationship possibilities with her since her chiseled semi-cute face had nice dimples & she did have feminine long dark hair, & pretty, yet dull, unimpressive blue eyes.I wanted to worship that ass & I knew immediately she was better than me…a real catch, a red hot sexy bitch in the shell of this quiet christian single girl that i met at a very conservative church in the bible belt.She always wore very baggy clothes at church & singles functions…never showing a hint of having a nice ass, let alone a perfect ass that would become my obssesion for over 20 years, & I fear for all of eternity.Just a glance of her ass walking away from me in those demon filled jeans had my lust & desire set where I would do anything to have her sit on my face.Usually I would imagine banging that ass & watching it bounce off my pelvis, her doggie style & naked, ass arched, head tilted back, mouth wide open & moaning…not this time…something was different….

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I couldn't stop thinking about him being outside and what was he going to think when I spread my legs for this stangers cock. I almost jumped out of my skin when the door bell rang. more Hi, I had a chance a few days ago to chat with my ex-wife, first time in years.

I had been hoping for a long time that I would be able to talk with her about our marrage and our time together.

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