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While these undefined relationships might work for a time, the longer they go on, the more of a problem they can often present. You know those more than platonic relationships that go on for months and often years on end without a title.The thing about situationships is that they feel real.In fact, the behaviors are often indistinguishably similar to actual relationships.Hearty laughter can cause syncope,31 32 33 34 35 perhaps by a neural reflex response to the increase in intrathoracic pressure that accompanies intense laughter.36 37 Syncope after laughing has accompanied bilateral carotid stenosis in Takayasu arteritis.38 Laughing can cause conduction anomalies39 and arrhythmias.40 A woman with long QT syndrome and a history of torsade de pointes took ziprasidone, collapsed, and died after intense sustained laughter.41 Laughter in Angelman’s (“happy puppet”) syndrome can cause asystolic arrest, apparently of vagal origin.42 Laughing fit to burst can cause cardiac rupture.43The quick intake of breath that accompanies laugher can provoke inhalation of foreign bodies.44In patients with asthma, laughter sometimes triggers an attack,45 but cough after laughing is commoner than a good wheeze.46 47 Asthma was once perceived as a psychological disorder,48 but Gillespie noted that laughter probably had a physical rather than a psychological effect, and that even hollow (non-Duchenne) laughter could trigger an asthma attack.49Laughter can cause pneumothorax.50 51 Pilgaard-Dahl syndrome, named after two Danish revue actors, is pneumothorax in middle aged smokers induced by laughter.52 If the You Tube video we have watched53 is representative, non-Danish speakers are not at risk.

Results Benefits of laughter include reduced anger, anxiety, depression, and stress; reduced tension (psychological and cardiovascular); increased pain threshold; reduced risk of myocardial infarction (presumably requiring hearty laughter); improved lung function; increased energy expenditure; and reduced blood glucose concentration.Paper tissues may reduce spread.55 So, we suspect, might laughing up your sleeve.Cataplexy, often allied to narcolepsy (Gélineau’s syndrome),56 is characterised by sudden loss of muscle tone provoked by laughter and other stimuli.57 It is apparently difficult to elicit during medical consultations,58 perhaps because “laughing by itself” is a much less powerful stimulus than “laughing excitedly.”59 The combination of muscle weakness induced by laughter and the ability to hear during an episode distinguishes cataplexy from sleep apnoea.60 In one case, cataplexy induced by laughter affected only the right side of the body;61 this patient presumably could still laugh on the other side of her face.But many times, this is not the fate of those in situationships.More often than not, one or both parties gets tired of the arrangement and there is a breakup or a falling out for a relationship that was never officially defined in the first place.

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