Dating a bad kisser

Well, what happens when you start to date someone who is a TERRIBLE kisser but has all the great qualities you are looking for? – Tongue Tied, New Hampshire First kisses do not set the tone for relationships, TT. I don't know why he's kissing you like a bird, but it's time to sit down on a couch and tell him how you like to be kissed. If I were the friend, I'd want to know -- and I'd want to be thanked for trying. I've just recently started dating "Matt" and we have a great connection, enjoy many of the same things, have the same sense of humor, etc. I know he's had girlfriends (he's in his late 20s). They are often awkward and weird and we laugh about them later. Then, you start and I’ll follow.” If your partner protests, explain that this is a great way to discover how to best please one another (if your partner values and respects you, he or she will go out of the way to learn how to please you). Communication is Key In all aspects of dating and relationships, communication is essential to your success. Instead of criticizing your cutie’s kisses, praise him or her when a pucker pleases you.Once you’ve gone a couple of rounds where you consistently reinforce the kisses you enjoy, your cutie should catch on. Not only that, but regularly reinforce how much you enjoy the art of kissing. You can even say, "Let me show you how I want you to kiss me." If it's bad after that -- or if an honest conversation about your needs freaks him out -- please bail. A hint: Sometimes it helps to show right after you tell. Is he bird kissing her to be respectful because she's a friend of a friend?

Honestly, your honey can’t kiss his or her way out of a paper bag. Before you decide to ditch your pucker-challenged cutie, first give the following five tips a try.

By having an open dialogue about what you like and how important puckering up is to you, even the dimmest date will start to get the message.

And if your cutie wants to please you, he or she will work hard to improve those smooching skills.

When this happens, let your sweetie know with plenty of praise how much you dig those kisses.

And if your date still doesn’t get the message, you’ll need to figure out how much longer you want to play tonsil hockey with a lost cause. Practice Makes Perfect Just like dating takes practice, kissing may require some practice, too.

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