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But asking her out for a walk might be a good idea.There are many beautiful places in and around the city where we live, and if nothing else, I could ask her to show me around her home area.Usually I would see this as a lack of interest, had it not been for two things.

If that’s all it was, then you could just tough out the uncomfortable feeling and force yourself be social, like what most people do when they have to speak in public.

The primary factor is that it makes you avoid the possibility of being judged, and you feel anxious and avoidant in situations where you might be judged or rejected.

So in social situations, instead of being assertive and showing your personality, you play it safe and don’t do anything that might risk someone disliking you.

During the early evening I was not actually talking to that girl, instead I was talking to another girl who I had met once before, and who I thought seemed like a nice person (though not someone I would be interested in dating, just as a friend).

Anyway, there was some alcohol involved, and the shy girl started to talk about her interests with her friend, who did not share them.

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And then her friend (who is by the way also a friend of mine) told me another two weeks later that she had been talking about me, and said that she really wanted to see me again. She clearly liked me that evening, and she has shown continuous interest in actually seeing me again (according to her friend), but I can't seem to actually get her to come out of her apartment. I'm in my upper 20's, but she is the third girl who I've met who I can honestly say that I'm really interested in (people have said that I'm too picky...). My previous two experiences have been more gradual, as I've got to know them, and while one of the previous girls was quite shy as well, it was not even close to being at this level. Have you told her you understand where shes coming from? Have you told her you understand where shes coming from?

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