Dating divorce going man through

I moved in to the house 5 months into our relationship, he also, drinking one time introduced me as his ex's replacement, and in an intimate moment, said I love you and her name. I still try to believe him, honestly I do think he love me and realizes his ex just used him ( she had two sons both by different fathers, with my husband, had one, and now another child with another man she cheated with ...4 kids 4 differnt last names, fathers ) and he asked me to marry him, I was skeptical, but 2 months after my divorce was final, I married him.

At times I still feel insecure, but I try to show him how much I love him,and try to trust what he says. He did open up to me yesterday before he left for work.

I'm sticking it out because his lying doesn't frighten me that much.

I know he did it to placate his ex-wife, because he felt sorry for her, and in time he will see that I am not to be pitied.

he is walking around you, look out for his steps, listen, as he whistles softly, as he continually did on the beaches he had to sleep for weeks, whistling he was directing to a flying seabird, a seagull that always circulated around him...

i take warm showers and never use towels, sothat thin skin absorbs the silver of drops allover, slowly and skilfully.

For instance..Thu, we're on the phone and he says he has to run into his lawyer's office and sign some papers and will call me back...never called back that night. So I sent an email this morning for him to take his head out of his **** and pick up the phone. he loves you more than his life, he changed completely, doesbn't want to change anything of you... Bruno, not sure if you were responding to my post...

Next morning we're talking and I asked how come he didn't call me back... And the main things that run through my mind aren't how he said he missed me, or really needed to see me, or that he was getting divorced because he fell in love with me. I've tried calling, emailing..either doesn't answer his cell or his phone is off. yes, he knows and does get in contact with you anywhere you are...

They have one son, she still trys to control him and plays childish games, he can't call, has to let child in house, and dont knock, or her new husband meets him outside.Eventually he will choose to be with me full time I think, as I'm a strong woman who he can be honest with, and who loves him unconditionally.I know that this is his dream and I am able to be this way with him because I am good at being alone and have a life outside of him.he told me his physical change is caused by your physical change, identical.he mentioned something about benjamin, a child borned on his last birthday, that you and him talked about being a human being you knew and loved so much before your time together...ah, perhaps his phone and email is being hooked and he can not even know what's happening, although he does know in very much detail.

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On the flip side, if I find out that he wants to stay with his ex and keep me as a mistress, I would break up with him in a second because I don't want to hurt his ex any more than I already have.

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