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"Short self-descriptions aren't only the preserve of Internet daters, they are also the essence of things like Facebook and other social networking sites," said Cocks.The difference between the personal ads of the previous centuries and today's is the age of those using Internet dating sites, according to statistics.If a match resulted, it is unlikely that you boasted the fact to your friends, Cocks said."You probably wouldn't talk about it if you were very respectable," he said.Many of the postings were simply calls for friends or pen pals, becoming especially popular among single servicemen, called "lonely soldiers," during World War I."At that time advertising for pals or for lonely soldiers was fashionable and contemporary — something done by those who were, as they put it in their ads, 'bohemian and unconventional,'" Cocks said."Someone from an Irish radio station asked me whether the essence of all Internet dating ads was ' Loser seeks Winner,'" he said, "but I think those opinions are really those of younger people, [such as] those under 30 who see no need for Internet dating.The 1st time I heard this song was a very short snippet in the background of a very violent rape scene . should tell you the talent of his voice/group and how great this song really is?

Personal ads went mainstream in the early 20th century, with expectations at a much lower level than their earlier incarnations.

It stuck in my head for weeks ...(the song ) not the scene. I now song it regularly in my shows and people always ask about it ..of my favourite tracks Jun 2015, I hope this comes across well but the fact the lead singer doesn't have straight-out-of-central-casting looks...

It doesn't get enough credit in the annals of all-time hits to me. I simply love this song...although it is a break-up song, I think it is beautiful.

The core demographic of those publicly "looking for love" has been turned on its head, with people settling down and marrying much later (if at all) in Western cultures.

Internet sites tend to favor older singles, many of whom turn to the technology after a divorce or traditional forms of courtship have failed, Cocks said.

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