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The Fender Custom Shop also briefly got in on the act with a specialized 12-string Telecaster model in the latter 1990s. Also included here are the Classic series Stratocaster XII 12-String of 2003-2004 and the more enduring Special Edition series Stratocaster XII 12-String of 2005-2010.Of all these guitars, the Electric XII saw the most use.Although Fender arrived a little late to the 12-string-electric party in the 1960s—well after Rickenbacker established domination of the niche with its Beatles/Byrds affiliation—it was serious about getting in on the folk-rock action topping the charts mid decade. In Fender’s modern era, there have been several 12-string Stratocaster models, beginning with the Special/Deluxe series Strat XII of 1988-1997.

Perhaps the most striking visual element of the Electric XII, however, was its enormous “hockey stick” headstock, which also appeared on Fender’s Shenandoah and Villager acoustic 12-string models in summer 1965.Most electric 12-string guitars used six-saddle bridges accommodating two strings apiece, which could be problematic for pinpoint intonation.The Electric XII, on the other hand, boasted a fully adjustable 12-saddle bridge that allowed precise intonation for each string, with a string-through-body design that offered increased sustain.The 21-fret rosewood fingerboard had pearl-dot inlays.Where the Electric XII truly exceeded other electric 12-string models, however, was its bridge.

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