Dating for the first time after a divorce

Older children may be more sensitive to family conflict and feel more pressure to intervene, which could increase their risk for problems, but they also have more emotional resources to help them cope, which could decrease their risk.Younger children may have less ability to sense and intervene to stop arguments, possibly leading to less risk, but they also have fewer cognitive resources to make sense of events and emotions, possibly leading to higher risks.Parents showing an Authoritative Style are also more likely to show more active coping behaviors, feel more self-efficacy, and seek out and receive more social support.

They may be confused, have fantasizes about reconciliation, and show difficulties in expressing their feelings.Early studies showed that boys had more problems than girls, but later studies have not confirmed this; rather, boys and girls have different kinds of problems as a result of the divorce Are more likely to have fewer memories of either their own or their parents’ earlier conflict; generally close to custodial parent and a competent step-parent.May feel anger at an unavailable non-custodial parent that prevents a strong adult relationship Tend to express feelings of sadness, fear, and anger.In fact, among families high on conflict, divorced families, and “normal” families, the married and in conflict families showed more child adjustment problems than the divorced families.Other studies have shown about half of the behavioral, achievement, and emotional problems seen in boys from divorced families could be identified as early as four year prior to the divorce. Thus, the same factors that led to the divorce have likely already had a negative impact on children when the divorce actually occurs.

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However, if you review some of the key research published regarding adjustment of children during and soon after a divorce, you’ll find a lot of confusion.

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