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He dissuades her from withdrawing from the case by challenging her to overcome her fear of losing.Max tries to win through "smoke and mirrors," but Walter urges her to tell the truth.On the way to the carnival, Willona and the kids discover Penny, with a possible broken arm, caused by her abusive mother.When Willona takes Penny to see a doctor about a broken arm, he refuses to believe she's being abused.Khadijah researches Walter's background and learns that he is a former corporate raider who became disgusted by his work.Max is disturbed when Walter asserts that she is trying to get over a broken heart, and describes in detail incidents from her childhood that he couldn't possibly have known about.

He believes that he is the Son of God, and says he was only trying to comfort the sick.Later, Penny's abusive mother abandons her leaving Willona to ponder adopting the battered youth.Willona worries over whether or not she will be able to adopt Penny. home, she quickly insinuates herself into the Evans household and makes up stories about her life, including forgetting to mention she has an abusive mother.When Penny begins to change into the dress, a stunned Willona and Thelma discover Penny's badly bruised back.

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