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While this doesn't appear to be revolutionary information, it does reinforce the importance of sex in a healthy relationship.

Being in a long distance relationship doesn't mean your sex life has to suffer.

Our situations aren't like the majority of relationships.

The distance between us may keep some traits hidden and a compatibility test can help to discover what those things are, helping to bring you both closer together.

With advancements in technology, connected toys for couples are now an affordable option.

One company leading the way is KIIROO with connected toys for opposite and same sex couples.​Check out their short clip below on how the system works.

Tour places in your state or country that you'd like your partner to discover, or be their virtual tour guide showing them around your home town.

Compare This Loser Is You, Hikikomori and The Slacker.

How many times do you think you've spoken about the same things on each call? It's time to change up the usual Skype sessions with one or more of the 21 awesome long distance relationship date night ideas we've put together for you and your partner. This is definitely one of the best ways to relax with your partner without even being next to them.

It can also help you get to know them that little bit more by paying attention to the types of genres they're into!

If he isn't the Plucky Comic Relief, then he is more than likely The Hero, and the premise behind his story involves finding a worthy goal in life and/or public acceptance.

An Aesop can develop in two ways from there onwards: he might get into that college after that cram session with The Smart Guy, get together with a crazy girl who would kick his ass into gear, and generally become a fully functional member of society...

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Sexting, phone sex and webcam sex are great options for keeping that romantic spark alight.

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