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It should go without saying that my favorite movie is of course Labyrinth, which I first saw on November 29, 1986 when I was 15 years old, and have seen at least 50 times since.My favorite actress is Jennifer Connelly, who starred in it. A selection of transcripts for the movie I've put together: Labyrinth movie transcript: This file contains a complete transcript of the movie, specifically of the closed caption dialog text displayed on the screen during its running.Monica's Labyrinth for sale page used to also have memorabilia, but that page is no longer available. Anyway, here's my list: Labyrinth video: The actual video of the movie by Embassy Home Entertainment. A picture of the Labyrinth re-release video by Jim Henson Home Entertainment may be seen here.A picture of the Beta format video may be seen here.I bought Picture 2 and Picture 3 from one of the auction sites on the Net.Labyrinth theater production: Shepparton Kids in Theatre in Australia did a large impressive play based on the movie Labyrinth in January, 1999.

Labyrinth sticker book: A 19 page book with 2 pages of stickers.A rare copy of a proof that the album cover was designed and printed from may be seen here.A special two sided promo poster for Underground may be seen here and here.Collector's Edition DVD: This improved package of the digital video disc, by Jim Henson Home Entertainment, comes with a scene composite, and the following character sketch cards by Brian Froud: Hortenz, Gibbergeist, Gurtie, Zitzie, Septimus, and Muskul.Underground single: This single has two different versions of David Bowie's Underground on it.

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Nintendo Labyrinth: There was a Labyrinth game for Nintendo as well.

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