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Anyway, I'm just wondering if y'all have other advice you would be willing to share regarding dating in early sobriety. I came from, born and raised in the diseaseand was not only predisposed to the chemical and all of the stuff that brings butalso the thoughts, feeling and behaviors that make up an alcoholic's character.

Quasimodo isn’t the only one captivated by her free spirit, though – the handsome Captain Phoebus and Frollo are equally enthralled.Of course you can always tell an alcoholic but you can't tell them much, and I've yet to see one get out of a relationship because it was suggested to (especially if it was suggested Before they got into it in the first place) so I guess you'll take what ever you get out of this thread (that doesn't validate your decision lol) and use it next time. But luckily I got to a point where "I was willing to do whatever it takes to get sober".I finally did my 90/90 and stayed out of relationships the first year, which continued on for 3.5 years. first off, I know the AA recommendation about not dating during your first year of sobriety. :) My ex-boyfriend and I broke up a couple of months ago (completely amicable, he moved to Chicago to start grad school and the distance just became unsustainable, I live in San Francisco). He's great, seems very stable and self-aware, he doesn't drink (not in the program but just chooses not to).My ex has been great and supportive, he was also in the program and recently shared with me some of the things that went wrong in the disastrous relationship he got into at 3 months sober -- being overly vulnerable, got attached too quickly, and lost focus on himself and his recovery, as a way of helping me know what pitfalls to look out for.

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  1. When we have a crush on someone, it can be hard to see them for who they really are, especially if that person is a player. They’re a little manipulative and they know how to get a girl to fall hard. If he's all about hooking up, that could definitely mean that he's just using you for sex or a steamy makeout sesh. The next time he asks if you want to hang out, say, "how about we go see a movie/grab something to eat?