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It is not known whether igo was a descendant of immigrants from the Visigothic court or was a local chief who imposed his leadership over time.Various references to Gascony in the early sources suggest that a Visigothic origin is unlikely.It may have been attributed to them by later chroniclers to add credibility to the dynasty's authority.The number of marriages with Muslim families in the early Navarre royal family suggest that Muslim influence persisted even after Pamplona had long been under Christian rule, at least until the early 10th century.Garca Jimnez succeeded as ruler of Pamplona in [858].A glance at the chronology of the early generations of the Jimena dynasty in Chapter 1.

However, there is an obvious chronological difficulty with this interpretation.

It assumes that the Codex simply omits all details of the intervening generations between the two individuals allegedly named Garca Jimnez, and that it conflates the two into one by mistake in the first paragraph of the second chapter.

The possibility of such a mistake cannot of course be excluded.

This requires us to believe that the mention of igo Jimnez in the second part of the Codex is completely unrelated to igo "Arista" in the first part.

The genealogical section of the Codex is grouped into six parts, each dealing with a distinct family.

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