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There are 5,000 genes in a single chromosome of the intestinal bacterium Escherichia coli, the subject of research and studies since the early 1990s.(Genes are special sections constituting the DNA belonging to a particular organ or protein.) All the features of the bacterium are encoded in these 5,000 genes. Newly formed cells Complexprocesses during cell division— such as DNA copying, copy production, transformation, cell division and chromosome division—are all flawlessly coordinated.Mites that are spread everywhere, from the chair you sit in to your carpet, to the air you breathe.Moulds and fungi begin reproducing on foods left out in the open in your kitchen for even a few hours—all of these constitute a different world with its own unique lifestyles, nutritional systems and structural features.There are 5375 nucleotides in the DNA of the smallest known bacterium, theta-x-174.(Nucleotides are the building blocks of the amino acids that regulate all inherited features in living things.) In a normal-sized bacterium, There may be up 3 million nucleotides.Root fungi, on the other hand, are the most important factor in the way plants extract the minerals from the soil.

In the same way that they are present all over the world, they are also essential to human life.

What are the members of this enormous community of microorganisms?

The living things we shall be examining in this book consist of bacteria, viruses, fungi, algae and mites.

Knowing about the properties of these creatures and entering into this world is actually of the greatest importance.

People imagine that these creatures, many of which are invisible to the naked eye, are basically very simple entities; and are therefore unaware of their powerful abilities.

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