Dating someone with borderline personality disorder

Writing about personality disorders clearly gets people reading. Or is this move just another way of hating on one another in an increasingly contempt-ridden society?People tend to associate personality disorders with certain celebrities and movies.

From accusations Trump has narcissistic personality disorder or is a "dangerous psychopath", and the Twitterati has gone mad for a series of Mail Online articles detailing “How to tell if your lover, boss of friend is a PSYCHOPATH” this week.

You authentically seem to “understand” him or her and the evolving theories.

Love, the Clinging soul Manifestation Once he has successfully reeled you in with his or her concern and devout attention, it will start to dwindle and subtly shift over time.

As his or her strange, emotional battle field advances on you, you might be hearing words like; no one understands him or her except for yours truly.

He or she will mimic how people have been “insensitive” towards him or her.

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