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For me, "The Boys of Summer", makes me think of a guy who lives in a small town by the beach, and is in love with this wild, free-spirited hot townie girl who dumps him to run off with the city boys who come to the beach during summer vacation. Makes me feel sadness and longing for something out of reach, but for some reason, I like listening to it. To me its mainly about lost youth (summer represents youth), and the feeling of being young. I will think back to a time before mortgages, career, and children defined me.

When my spirit was bright and pure, and I could just "be".

if he or she doesnt then you pine for the past when you thought you were loved. he can see her walking though the parking lot or the shake down. It clearly has to do with the relationships between youths and adults. He and Frey were very close at one point, including being roommates for several years at the start of the Eagles and writing songs together.

The song is about a guy dating a chick whos into the Dead. Both men were said to feel bad about the rift in their relationship. Looking back you realize "those days are gone forever".

" Wonder if Boys of Summer means something else instead? in the early 80's and that was a landmark for me when wandering around the area. Part 2 - Henley and Frey used to live together for periods of time when they were writing songs.

To me the song is very special, because it sort of sums up my whole childhood/teenage years.

This song I believe is about lost youth and growing up.

The way things use to be on the carefree days of summer.

On another level, this song is also about getting older and letting go of youth. he can see her walking though the parking lot or the shake down. It's a message that we should keep the child in us so we can never forget the adventures we used to create for ourselves. this song is so melancholic and always brings on that deep sadness when you look back on the fun of younger years, longing for those days but knowing that you can never be there again. A couple of years before the song was written, Don gave an interview about the Eagles break-up to a magazine; the journalist titled it "Goodbye to the Boys of Summer." That probably inspired the song's title.

That's what makes it work so well - as in many of Henley's songs, it's quite specific, yet ambiguous enough for the listener to project her own life into it. For me, this song is truly extraordinary and in a class by itself. (1) The lyrics are so-well written, meaningful, and memorable, (2) The music (sound) is unique with a terrific, one-of-a-kind sound, and (3) To top it off, the video production is downright excellent, and I'm not the only one to think so, since it won "Video of The Year" at the MTV 57 and in a sad marriage and when i watch this video it gets me thinking of certain women i knew.romance is so rare. all you can do is love and hope the other person loves back. The song is about a guy dating a chick whos into the Dead. Look at the guy in the suite stressed out and the clip behind him of him having a blast on the beach. I think it's looking back with regret over the Eagles break-up and specifically his broken friendship with Glenn Frey.

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