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Before the eruption, the island was host to a sophisticated and rich, seafaring and trading society who was related to the Minoans on Crete.Their city was totally buried under many meters of volcanic ash.The caldera cliffs near the site looking north; the Minoan deposit is the thick topmost layer including a 5 m thick base of fall-out pumice.Construction is consuming the pumice layer from top down, and destroying important geological features visible in the wall. Two large, connected holes at the base of the pumce.

The bigger my surprise and joy, when I came closer: one of the first things I noticed was a dark piece of wood beneath one of the larger holes.

The first photo of the site: holes in the basal pumice layer, here about 5 meters thick, where the branches of the tree were. Deep inside one of them, one could barely see wood, too.

This piece was first recovered in July 2007 and brought a wonderful, almost 2 meter long branch back to light, which is now displayed in the new geological museum in Perissa. It is located in the upper caldera cliffs near Athinios harbour.

When I talked with archaeologists working at the excavation site of Akrotiri, I met very little interest!

I decided to show it to ome of them (who turned out to suffer vertigo at the spot and was only happy to get back alive...).

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