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I really did not understand the words to this song when I heard the words "The year of the cat".After reading this site, now it makes me miss him more than ever. But as with the Beatles when produced by George Martin, it took the machinations of a master musical alchemist to bring the songwriter's vision to its full realization in the mind of the listener.I don't see the connection about the comedian to the song, though. Maybe the Casablance reference gives a bit of the reason.It sounds like it is a story about leaving reality and life behind, to go to some country where "they turn back time" to meet someone amazing, and then use them as a reason to hide from the reality of life. People went to Casablance to escape the war, to escape reality. When this song came out, I was dating a man whom I loved very much. One night, he told me that this song reminded him of our relationship.

Unlike most listeners in this country, I was raised overseas (although I was born in Texas); so the imagery of the "blue tiled walls near the market stalls" hits home to me in a special way, since I've grown up around bazaars and markets from Okinawa to Pakistan to Istanbul.

I have heard it 10,000 times, but I have to listen all the way.

There are other songs that I like, but that I have heard a lot as well, and I often change the station. I was born in 1977 but I grew up listening to my dad's LPs and this song was always my favorite.

The song played in my mind throughout the experience.

Even today, whenever I hear this wonderful song, I am carried back to that time and can re-experience this event in my mind.

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