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Whether you live together or not, basic “how was your day,” “what did you do today” conversation is perfectly normal and expected.

If your partner’s interest in your day-to-day activities seems a little much, it may be cause for concern.

If your partner refuses to apologize when he or she has done something wrong, this is a red flag for a perception of inequality in the relationship.

This inequality can be interpreted two ways, however; your task will be to uncover the ‘why’ before you can address the issue.

If your partner seems to keep you compartmentalized from certain areas of their life, this might be a red flag for dishonesty.

Similarly, if, on a regular basis, your partner refuses to discuss other aspects of their day, keeping details of his or her whereabouts or activities from you, this could be indicative of a greater problem.

, which is essentially saying, “I’m not perfect.” None of us are perfect, it’s true, but to expose yourself in such a way with the one you love leaves you vulnerable to criticism or rejection.

It wasn’t until my partner brought my conspicuously absent apologies to my attention that I even recognized the pattern. ) conversations and a whole lot of practice, I’ve learned to apologize when I’m in the wrong—even when it hurts like hell.

There are 100 reasons your partner’s persona can shift, even dramatically.

Expressing anger, even by yelling, can release tension, frustration and pain—if done in a safe manner; but it should not be used as a method of control in any situation.

Using anger to instill fear in another is unacceptable behavior in any relationship.

These are all red flags; and by accepting this behavior, you send the message that this is acceptable, that you don’t deserve honesty, that you are not equals in the partnership.

In the second scenario, I speak from experience; there are times when an apology has deep, nasty roots of inadequacy.

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