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To this day, my Mom remains a strong, opinionated woman who taught me at a young age about the importance of commitment, compromise and unconditional love. That summer, I both took (and cancelled) my LSAT’s. But, at the end of the day, I didn’t write the big script that sold. And after I got laid off of my job selling hair restoration products (seriously), I had to figure out what I was going to do for a living.

Alas, there’s a big difference between knowing something and living it. I was doing odd jobs for a living and losing faith in my ability to make it as a writer. I certainly didn’t want to be the 40-year-old guy trying to sell a screenplay.

Always ambitious and never particularly content in customer service, I asked JDate if they could promote me – maybe they could call me the “Date Doctor” and charge for a consultation to revamp member profiles. And even though I was in film school and working at JDate, I realized I was onto something.

JDate pretty much told me to shut up and keep answering the phones. There were 40 million people dating online; nobody was showing them how to do it well.

Online dating profile writing at e-Cyrano led to online dating coaching. I never saw myself as a player – if anything, I dated frequently because I wanted to fall in love.

But after 300 dates in 10 years, I had to own the fact that no matter how much I was helping others, something wasn’t working.

I moved to Los Angeles in 1996 to work at the top talent agency, CAA.

Soon, I was selling more JDate subscriptions than the rest of the customer care team combined.

After thirteen years of coaching, I continue to take great joy in helping women understand men and create lasting relationships. As a writer who worked from home and disliked the bar scene, I believed firmly in online dating as a means of creating an instant social life.

One year later, I wrote my first book and launched my first website, e-Cyrano online dating profile writing.

The book got a glowing review in Time Magazine, which led to a piece in USA Today, which led to a segment on CNN.

I tried turning my personal failures into professional successes.

After getting dumped, I wrote my second book, This was ostensibly my first foray into advising women exclusively, but it was really my not-so-subtle way of telling my ex-girlfriend that she blew it by breaking up with me. By this time, I had finally become an expert in my field, but I was also what I decried most – a hypocrite.

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Two months later, I met a woman who was nothing like the women I’d been dating.

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