Dating with braces

Once the decision was made, over two years of worrying about this decision seemed stupid.

The process started immediately - there were so many things I wasn't ready for and yet I was entirely ready.

They can also be much more comfortable, in sharp contrast to some traditional braces that required the use of huge metal braces, large steel wires, and strange-looking headgear.

Recent advances in orthodontics have also greatly shortened the treatment period and now fewer visits to the dentist are required.

Omana's office so he can hear all of the medical jargon. My two other concerns were in regards to my career and my extra-curriculars.

One reason is that there are several types of braces available, and some of them are barely noticeable.

In some industries such as the performing arts and in jobs that require direct contact with customers, the quality of your smile is crucial for success.

Adults also obviously need a great smile for their social life.

I knew I needed braces to correct my crooked jaw/bite, but I didn't know if I could handle the potential self-esteem issues.

Notice I said "potential," not "definite." I realized I was making an important medical decision off of something that "might" be. Thirty-four year old Larissa drags her hubby to Dr.

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This is especially true for older people who are getting back to the dating scene.

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