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I felt like I was wearing a sort of invisible shackle.

The word “debt” actually has two meanings: 1) Something owed; an obligation to pay and 2) An offense requiring forgiveness.

Both methods are great, so there’s no wrong answer.

It’s like turning up the music loud in your car so you don’t hear the clanking engine.In a very short time I’ve saved up a few emergency funds! First, you have one, single monthly payment instead of several. If you have a bad habit of paying your bills late, you’ll reduce the potential for late payments, fees and even the amount of calls from the creditors too. If that’s your bad habit, you’re ruining your credit.It’ll stick with your credit report for 7 years, I believe.I auto-pay everything, even a small transfer every month from my checking into savings.I don’t miss the money if I don’t see it in the first place.

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You may think you’re saving yourself from stress by not worrying about it. But think about it this way: You’re spending a ton of cash every month by ignoring it.

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